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Cloud-based data analytics a viable option for your business?

Cloud-Based Analytics needs to be managed with the help of key business data. With just a click, you can monitor your sales and analyze your business’s reports, products, and customers all in one organized summary for any date range.

Cloud analytics is the process of storing and analyzing data in the cloud and using it to gain business insights. Just like on-premises data analytics, cloud analytics algorithms are applied to large data collections to create patterns, predict outcomes and detect other information that is useful to business decision-makers.

You can run your business from anywhere and there is no need to have to be in your store to know how your business is performing. Access real-time data. POS in the cloud can automatically synchronize data and check your account from anywhere. This way you can take care of all the updates with ease. There is really no need to wait on end-of-day reports—check ePaisa Analytics anytime to get information about sales, customers, and more. Get a summary of your business’s sales activities, including payments, products sold, and traffic for the day, week, month or even the year.

How ePaisa Works For Your Business Type

Cloud analytics encompasses any kind of business intelligence or data analytics performed on a cloud in conjunction with a service provider. The data processing is done on a private or public cloud to avoid the expense and maintenance of on-premises data storage and compute. Cloud-based analytics is also called a Software as a Service model or Cloud Analytics as a Service model. Some companies use a hybrid model that keeps some functions on-premise while moving others to a cloud. Data warehouses and on-demand business intelligence are among the services are commonly offered by cloud analytics.

Cloud analytics is a service that runs data analysis and business intelligence operations in a public or private cloud. With companies rapidly changing needs, the business intelligence tools of cloud analytics offer quick access to real-time data. Get accurate decisions with cloud-based analytics services.

Do you want to know details of processing your business is truly costing you? Get a free trial to see how Cloud Analytics can manage and thereby provide efficiency and visibility for your business to attain success.

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