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Conquer Online Retail. Easy.

Your business is doing great, so you decided to expand and open an online store. You’re excited! It will be great.

You hire a professional photographer, and now all those colorful pics on your screen look so cool. It’ll be so rad! Now what? You don’t have the first idea of how to create a website, all you wanted is to hear is the cha-ching, cha-ching of the register…

A friend recommends you to try Shopify. Awesome! But how do you connect your existing coffee shop with your online store?

Don’t fret. The ePaisa – Shopify integration allows you to easily link an online store to your existing ePaisa account. The integration takes the pain out of setting up your first online store, so you can focus on choosing the right photos. It also makes it easy for you to manage sales, inventory, and reporting. That means more time for you.

If you’ve already got a Shopify store, you can use the integration to streamline your operations by syncing your inventory and sales reporting with ePaisa.

  1. Sync products, orders, quantities, and pricing data between your eCommerce and brick & mortar store

  2. Publish and edit products and variants

  3. Update inventory and order info in real time

  4. Unlimited imports, updates, and exports available

  5. Manage your inventory within ePaisa and your eCommerce site

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