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ePaisa helps Retailers, Small Businesses & Kirana shops

Looking to sell products such as apparel, handicrafts, groceries and more? Get in touch with ePaisa team and know more about behind the counter or out on the floor business dealing with ePaisa point of sale.

Get to create your own items, keep a track all your inventory, and also manage your store effectively. It is essential to simplify your retail operations with everything from mobile point-of-sale tools and billing to inventory management and deposits for your business days. Sell in person and on-the-go with ePaisa.

Retailers and small business are all finding it useful to join ePaisa as it helps their customers to purchase and take products right then and there, so they don’t have to stand in queue at the checkout counter.

With ePaisa you can go cashless and cardless with the quick QR payment. The ePaisa QR Code option is available for merchants to accept payments easily from any UPI enabled app of the customers. With such exceptional features, the merchants can easily view their business data, sales reports, manage all the stocks, and carry out smooth business operation.

Due in the wake of the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, ePaisa point of sale ecosystem has initiated measures in a bid to help their SME, retailer and Kirana stores that have been working heroically. The ePaisa POS solution helps the merchant from all across the country with focus to convert the offline business into online. While the busines community is facing this crucial phase, ePaisa has initiated various measures to help run their business smoothly.

ePaisa is approaching merchants offering informative guidelines, messages, emails, and calls which help them to be aware of the benefits they can avail from the private and government sectors. The company helps them them keep a track of updates that benefit them and assist them in managing their financial state, the company ensures they have regular updates right about tax, EMI such as the recent RBI announcement about long-term repo operations.

ePaisa works to upgrade all the features and helps the business to be carried out seamlessly with regular demo whenever required by the shop owners. Even with work from home, the film offers customer care to assist for all of the merchant queries.

Along with other benefits, ePaisa QR code payment is a one click payment option that is available for the merchant to use alongside their POS.

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