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ePaisa offers multiple Point of Sale solutions to fit your business vertical

Due to COVID-19, alternative sources of funding are required to fulfill the business requirements needs in 2021. Just about every business in the world has been affected by COVID-19—in a number of ways. While companies witnessed falling sales in 2021a few businesses said their sales increased or were at par as before. The impact of the pandemic on firms’ performance, solutions suggested can help inform recovery efforts. Developing countries are able to present multiple support programs, but small firms and businesses in poorer countries are in need of support.

Digital marketing costs are likely to increase, as traditional marketing and PR have not shown progress in 2021. Small businesses will drive the adoption of developing technologies and can overcome the COVID-19 pandemic that continues into 2021. Small businesses are optimistic about the future but the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet gone for businesses across the world. To take advantage of these trends, it is advisable to use tools such as a Point of Sale, that can help your business grow. Administrate sales and giving employees access to better technology so as to monitor sales and performance by tracking daily cash flow and sales at your store using a robust dashboard. With the help of business tools, you can remove any guesswork and see how your business is performing at a glance. Build your customer database and increase shopper spend with a customer loyalty program.

Right from Retail POS with inventory to Quick-Service POS with KDS and payments-only POS, ePaisa offers multiple Point of Sale solutions to fit your business vertical. ePaisa has a new Quick Response (QR) code-based payment option for the Retailers and Shopkeepers in India, it can standardize the digital payment option for you. ePaisa QR Code option is enabled in all of ePaisa’s Point of Sale APP’s you can use a Printed QR Code which the retailer displays at the store. The printed QR code is a sticker provided by ePaisa and retailers can scan and use UPI-based Mobile Wallet or Bank APP to get paid.

The QR Code payment option allows an easy and smart payment solution to small and large retail businesses such as salons, grocery stores, exhibitors, doctors, home businesses, vegetable sellers, and even newspaper vendors. ePaisa QR code and the merchant gets instantly paid to their preferred bank account with a low MDR in comparison to card transactions through ePaisa Point of Sale APP. This is an easy process and is extremely hassle-free.

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