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Go Paperless – Digitize Your Business

Going paperless in your business is more than just conserving the environment – especially if you are in retail. Thanks to emerging paperless technologies, moving towards a paperless office is turning out to be easier than managing the clutter of files, boxes and paper. So, how exactly can you digitize your business? Here is the low down on what’s out there for you.

Internal Documents

Share files without that trip to the printer. Software programs like the free service run by Google Docs allows you to work simultaneously with colleagues on a document or spreadsheet. The system lets you ‘chat’ with colleagues viewing the document; it auto-saves and allows you to download whenever you need to.

Accepting digital Payments

The government recently announced the demonitisation of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes. Given this scenario, not accepting digital payments would mean loosing out on valuable sale. Businesses need a mechanism to accept multiple payment forms and give the consumers the freedom to choose the mode of payment and not restrict transactions to cash.

Paperless statements and bill paying

The more online bill paying you do, the less you’ll spend on courier, envelopes and employee time coordinating invoices, checks, and mailings. Running your office finances through the web makes payments prompt and much easier to track. Most good POS softwares accept payments through your smartphone AND generate paperless receipts as well.

Storage and file sharing

For moving and storing large files, consider investing in softwares that have cloud based storage, reporting and analytics.


Another spot of good news is that the modern POS softwares offer brilliant programs that manage inventory very efficiently and reduce errors. Since your invoice generation and payment receipts are also generated from the same app – it makes accounting easier than the traditional ways of maintaining account books and inventory catalogs.


More companies rely on scanning while faxing is almost phased out. There are excellent apps that allow you to use your smartphone camera as a scanner and quickly converts captured images to PDFs for easy emailing.

Every step towards a paperless environment is two steps forwards in terms of saving your time, money, storage space and clutter. And while we at it, let’s not forget to recycle any paper you still use and keep your dry waste separate – we all need to make those baby steps towards a better future.

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