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How I got my life back with a Point of Sale APP

I belong to a family that has been running a clothing business for over two decades. We have five factories that cater to nearly one hundred clothing shops in Mumbai and Pune.

Earlier I used to spend the first few hours of my day walking around the factory with a notebook to take attendance of the 200 hands at work. Then I switched notebooks to start quality-checking products and keeping the workers in check. After a tea break, goods carriers would come in, and I had to manually supervise how many packaged products we would send out. By then it would be lunch time and my most lethargic time of the day would follow, where little or nothing could get done.

The workers left by 6:00 PM, but I had to stay and maintain the accounts. I used to have a splitting headache by the time I went home, normally after 9:00 PM. This is how it was, day in and day out.

One day, during my trip to Mumbai, three retailers complained that I had oversold to them and refused to pay.

Retailer 1 was this portly woman. She pulled out her smartphone and with her strong Maharashtrian accent rattled off the order numbers, delivery dates, stock in hand, and so on. I was dazzled at how she could have all these figures so precisely available on her smartphone. I looked at my weary briefcase and decided to set her right, after all, I had the real numbers that I had meticulously written at the end of every day. A few hours later, we decided to mutually agree on the numbers as her and my numbers did not tally but she was adamant that her numbers were correct.

Retailer 2 groused that my products were not selling. How could he tag his business loss on my products? I wondered. Surely, it could be the low season or inefficient salespersons. Out came his smartphone and he too ran a report displaying actual sales numbers for my product. I could say nothing about this. After the Mumbai woman, I knew this was a lost cause.

Before Retailer 3 even began, I asked him about this program everyone seemed to be using on their smartphone “It’s an app,” he said, also pulling out his smartphone. ePaisa. You can download it for free.” He ran a report and, as you can guess, the numbers didn’t tally. I realised that by trying to do everything manually, I was making too many mistakes and it was time I moved to a smarter system

Needless to say, I too downloaded the ePaisa app and played with it during my train trip back home. ePaisa app was free to download with free for life software updates, maintenance, and technical support. Before I left the train I had mastered and decided to subscribe for the paid version which offered added features like credit card and all digital payment acceptance, advanced inventory, analytics and other t advanced features which I decided to take advantage of as the small monthly subscription fee would change the way I do business – I was on cloud nine thinking of possibilities,

Because ePaisa lives on the cloud and runs on the smartphone the Point of Sale gives me a lot of freedom. Now, I am able to access the information anywhere, anytime, and I don’t have to worry about software updates, daily auto backups or system crashes. ePaisa runs from any mobile device connected to the Internet and if the internet goes down, it can still work for me to carry on doing my business.

Before ePaisa I was struggling with managing my books with my accountants, now it connects to tally and update my accounts real-time. Keeping track of your inventory is as easy as 123 and with 0 possibility of errors or slow service.

I stopped stressing and now have more time for my family and my customers. Do yourself a favour: get ePaisa Point of Sale APP and start living your life. Let humans do what they do best, interact with other humans, and let computers do what they do best, calculations.

An app based point of sale like ePaisa increase efficiency, runs on any mobile device and best thing is it’s not complicated. If I can use it anyone can.


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