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How to Have Super Fast Point of Sale Transactions, Guaranteed!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We have all been in this situation – you breeze by your favorite store or supermarket and quickly pick up the stuff you need, along with a few impulse buy items, and run to the cashier to checkout, only to find out the lines are bursting with trolleys or shop bags that have way more items to check out than you do. So, in frustration, you decide to ditch the whole sale and hope to come back at an easier time when you won’t have such a wait.

This kind of customer annoyance negatively affects business. So, just how do you transact faster?

Today, we have some valuable tips to curb this annoyance for you.

Use a Smarter POS System What all businesses first need is a fast Point of Sale (POS) system –  faster check out speeds equals faster sales in a short period of time.

Point of Sale systems are simple and more intuitive for you and your staff to use and they can be customized, allowing you to quickly add new items to your inventory as well as delete those you no longer carry.

The easier it is for your employees to complete transactions at the point of sale, the faster your checkout times will be. Make sure the system you use is equipped to handle Android and iOS platforms and is a Cloud-based system.

Send Digital Receipts Not only are digital receipts environmentally friendly, but sending a customer their receipt, whether it be by email or SMS, instead of waiting for the receipt to print out speeds up the time at checkout.

Sending receipts via SMS or e-mailing customers their receipt also gives them the option to be added into your email newsletter database and SMS database which can be a good way to connect with your customers and create a loyalty base, helping drive up your sales.

Use a POS that Accepts Multiple Modes of Payments If you have a business it’s essential that you move towards using a system that accepts multiple modes of payment like Credit & Debit Cards, Digital Wallets, UPI, Bitocoins, Cash, Cheque, Credit (Khatta), BharatQR, Cash on Delivery, Online Invoicing to name a few.

Educating your customer on how you accept all payment modes can easily be done by assisting them with the first transaction. Ensuring all forms of payment are accepted not only ease the checkout process but help you grow your business as you never say no to a customer or form of payment as no business owner likes losing out on potential business.

Tablet-Based POS System Tablet based POS systems are commonplace in the first world and will soon be in Asia, so it’s best to gear towards upgrading to one.

The flexibility and mobility of a tablet (iOS or Android) will undoubtedly help you keep all your data online, connected to the cloud for real time backup, decrease wait times and increase your customer satisfaction, and we all know customer satisfaction is what drives every business.

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi or Mobile to 4G Don’t be caught waiting at the register waiting for your transaction to process. If your connection is slowing you down, it may be time for you to invest in better Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

Upgrading your connection will speed up the transaction process for you and your staff by avoiding any unnecessary time lags.

Training & Having the Right Team Your employee’s are the ones on the front lines and directly impact the speed of your transactions. So, ensuring that your employee’s are well trained and your store is neither understaffed nor your employees overworked is essential.

If your checkout lines never seem to lighten up, you may need to consider hiring additional staff members or making sure your current staff are fully trained and comfortable using whichever point of sale system you choose. Like we mentioned earlier, the easier it is for your employees to complete transactions at the point of sale, the faster your checkout times will be.

Needless to say, we highly recommend that whatever system you choose, always rely on quality hardware and software at the Point of Sale.

To your success,

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