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Inventory management made easy

A systematic approach to locating, storing, and selling inventory—both raw materials (components) and finished goods (products).

To know when to reorder, how much to order, where to store stock quickly become a complicated process. As a result, many businesses prefer to use an inventory management app, software, or system with capabilities beyond manual databases and formulas.

With these systems, the procedures of inventory management extend beyond basic reordering and stock monitoring to encompass everything from end-to-end production and business management to lead time and demand forecasting to metrics, reports, and even accounting.

Inventory management means the right stock, that is at the right levels, in the right place, at the right time, along with the right cost as well as price. Entrepreneurs and independent brands live in a commerce world where small-to-medium businesses compete against global conglomerates. This offers a definitive guide to help you grow your brand and find everything you need from inventory control basics to best practices and formulas to advanced automation processes.

As a part of your supply chain, inventory management includes various aspects such as managing and overseeing purchases — from suppliers as well as customers — maintaining the storage of stock, controlling the amount of product for sale, and order fulfilment. The company’s exact inventory management meaning depends on the various types of products you are able to sell and the channels you sell them through. If the basic ingredients are present, you can have a strong foundation to build upon.

Small businesses (SMBs) often use Excel, Google Sheets, or other manual tools to keep track of inventory databases and make decisions about ordering. Inventory takes care of handling all your inventory needs for you, with the help of ePaisa you can receive reorder alerts detailing items that are running low or out – saving you time and space. You can get organized and create an item library for all your products and categorize them to speed up transactions.

ePaisa Inventory is designed to help you spend less time in front of the screen and more time with your customers. Create a product library by adding, editing or removing products – all from your smartphone or tablet. Organize products by category, type, sale and more to speed up payments at the point of sale. Import products from your existing excel or CSV files.

Manage your items easily and add and edit details like names, quantities, or prices quickly and easily. Search for products in your inventory by barcodes or UPC codes. Product variations can create product bundles as a variant and offer them at discounted prices. Seamlessly integrate your inventory with logistics and delivery companies to give real-time updates and order fulfilment. Integrate sales, inventory, and billing processes to get you the right merchandise at the right time and save countless hours managing stock. Import products details from the pre-built product catalogue saving you time and effort.

Check out products are top selling and which ones are not and get ideas for tactical promotions. Get stock alerts and n ever run out and miss a sale. Set up alerts with ePaisa for when items are running low. You can downloadable reports and export your inventory stock levels at any time to a printable spreadsheet with Google Docs, Microsoft Excel & PDFs.

Offering barcode support – get to quickly scan in the product barcodes in your customer’s cart using your own barcode scanner or the in-built camera of your device.

Integrate your inventory to online marketplaces and logistics & delivery companies to give them real-time inventory updates and get access from anywhere!

Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe, and up to date.

For Inventory Management – sign in to your FREE ePaisa account dashboard from any device and manage your inventory with ease.

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