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Leveraging his people skills and creating new opportunities at ePaisa

Who – Shahin Kunnath

What –  Chief of Staff

Where –  ePaisa Mumbai

How you started?

An aviation enthusiast and an avid traveler at heart I started my career with Air Asia India.  During my stint there I picked up a lot of skills on the job, met interesting people from across the globe. This helped me build my management and people skills.

What got you to ePaisa? Would you recommend someone to work here?

A passion for startups and tech brought me to ePaisa.  A person’s ability to work is valued more than his educational qualification here.  The senior management here is very supportive and they give you room to try out new things and lets you learn from your mistakes. ‘Fail fast, fail often’, mantra helps us grow and achieve our goals.

How does ePaisa help you manage the marriage between your work and passion?

I have always been a people’s person and a sportsman.  Football has taught me the importance of team spirit and teamwork; I bring my learnings from the field to the job. I draw a lot of inspiration from my travel stories, interacting with people from different cultures background exploring different cuisines is something I even encourage my team to do.

Your best ePaisa tale?

Working directly under the co-founders and being able to deliver what was asked and more is something that keeps me going.  I like being the man with many hats!

When Shahin is not working you will find him practicing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or motivating others. He believes in having a positive outlook in life and facing every situation with a smile. His colleagues call him the ‘go to guy’, for any issue that anyone faces at ePaisa. His favourite quote is, “When a goal matters enough to a person, that person will find a way to accomplish what at first seemed impossible.”

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