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Looking for business solutions?

ePaisa offers business solutions right from mobile app to mobile credit card terminal that allows clients to make payments in a very easy and secure way. Make payments through any smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Many small businesses find it very difficult to establish and run it efficiently. To make it work online is also a challenge, but with price-effective solutions based on digital marketing, it works well. You can allow your small business to gain profits and increase sales and awareness.

You will be able to sell apparel, groceries and more from behind the counter or out on the floor with ePaisa point of sale. Create your own items, track all your inventory, and manage your store effectively. You can easily simplify your retail operations with mobile point-of-sale tools and billing to inventory management and business-day deposits. Sell in person and on-the-go with ePaisa.

Retailers have faith and are using ePaisa, as customers can purchase and take products home right away, so they don’t have to stand in queue at the checkout counter. Doesn’t matter the size of the business, the important tool is to manage it efficiently. Whether you run a single outlet, independent service provider or a large chain, ePaisa POS provides flexible tools to manage your business. Right from order processing to billing and managing inventory, it assists  businesses by increase in efficiency and profitability throughout their operation.

ePaisa help you manage your store, get help with everything you need to run your business, from processing payments to analytics, inventory, and more, so you can effortlessly keep a stock of shelves and stay focused on your service. Keep a track of your inventory for free with ePaisa. While running a business, you can manage and upload a number of items and control details like name, price, and quantity. Get reorder alerts when your stock is running low.

You must be worried about payments, but now you can accept all kinds of payments – cash, cheques, coupons (Sodexo), meal vouchers, cards and even credit (udhaar). Speed up transactions, keep lines short and quickly ring up sales with minimal fuss by taking your smartphone or tablet to your customer wherever they are. This will help you keep your customers happy and make sure they return regularly by rewarding them for their loyalty. Sent out personalized offers by collecting email addresses of your customers at checkout and increase sales. Share digital email/SMS receipts and getting a feedback from your customers at checkout. By using ePaisa you can customize taxes, discounts and the signature screen with your company logo. Easily track sales and manage more about your business and review your complete sales history by logging into your ePaisa account. Identify your loyal customers and their average spend and more with ePaisa Analytics.

With ePaisa, your retail point of sale can take orders in-store or on-the-go, allowing customers to save time at your business. Use your smartphone and sync it with your smartphone or tablet and start accepting payments wherever your customers are.

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