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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a POS System

A great management system will bring you features, making it as easier as possible to focus on growing your business, rather than worrying over things you can’t do. Finding the right inventory management system depends on several factors, and often involves taking a clear look at the status of your business. The questions to ask when deciding on inventory management apps and software and on inventory management techniques will give you answers and clarity and better direction moving forward.

If you’re on a lookout for a new point of sale (POS) system, you can get confused and overwhelmed quickly. There are a number of options online, each  boasting features. The question you need to ask yourself is, “How will it help my growth.”

When you’re looking for a POS system for your retail store, you must look for a user-friendly one that takes care of your specific needs. There are some features that are more critical than others for business management purposes. Essential components of your retail management system should include: point of sale, inventory management, customer management, and reporting.

POS features you need to look for in a management system.

Inventory Management:

Managing inventory requires accuracy with no errors in tracking, counting, or managing as it could lead to unnecessary purchases, inadequate stocks, and shipment delays. While the old manual inventory ways can lead to mistakes, inventory management systems streamlines your daily operations and limits the errors associated with supply chain processes. With the use of ideal inventory management software, you can stay clear of the low profits and gain approval of your customers by fulfilling orders on time, every time.

When a customer purchases an item, your POS should deduct that product from your inventory as soon as the barcode is scanned. Additionally the inventory management category has the ability to see which items in stock are in need to be replenished. If will help you greatly of you can create the purchase order from your POS. A retail management system need to offer POS software should be a part of a larger solution that helps you run and grow your business end-to-end.

Accounting Software Integration:

Along with wanting inventory to carryout smoothly, it would be ideal to have a POS system that integrates easy accounting records with efficient software. Check to see if your accounting software will integrate with the POS system you choose. Point of sale (POS) features for your retail management system should have the capabilities that you’ll need at the checkout counter. Your catalogs should still be easily accessible and you need to ensure to go with a POS that lets you quickly search or lookup products when recording sales.

POS System Must Accepts Mobile Payments:

As people are avoiding dealing in cash, soon credit cards will fade away and mobile technology and mobile payments will clearly be the mode for payment. The way people pay for their purchases has changed in recent times. If you’re looking to choose a new POS system, be sure to get something that accepts mobile payments. If not then you will have to upgrade again in the near future when mobile payments become the primary means of payment.

Multi-channel Integration:

Retail businesses are in need to have online presence to keep up with present times and survive in the digital age. It will help if your online POS and your in-store POS work together. You can integrate and to keep track of inventory across multiple physical locations as well as your online store. Multi-channel integration monitors can track your in-store POS as well as your web clients.


The reason mobile payments are becoming popular is because of added security they promise. Both retailers and consumers are looking to stay clear from invaders and malware and protect the privacy of their account numbers and other personal information. We need to a POS system with good and reliable security codes.

Looking for a POS system that has all of these features and more?

Pure Point of Sale – ePaisa combines sophisticated machine learning with robust cloud computing to deliver the most user-friendly Point of Sale experience for multiple business types. ePaisa works to upgrade all the features and helps the business to be carried out seamlessly with regular demo whenever required by the shop owners. Even with work from home, the film offers customer care to assist for all of the merchant queries. Along with other benefits, ePaisa QR code payment is a one-click payment option that is available for the merchant to use alongside their POS.

Why ePaisa? Get to know the facts!

Point of Sale (POS) by ePaisa enables you with tools that you need to run and grow businesses of all sizes. ePaisa Point of Sale is a free, cloud-based Point of Sale app that converts your smartphone or tablet into a comprehensive business management solution. It provides point of sale to record sales, manage inventory, and build customer loyalty, while the cloud-based back-office tools provide sales reports and analytics to help you make smarter decisions for your business.

ePaisa POS works on any smartphone or tablet running on iOS and Android OS. ePaisa accepts all kinds of payments – cash, cheques, credit (udhaar), and all major debit and credit cards.

ePaisa is cloud-based means that ePaisa allows you to access your data safely through your ePaisa account wherever you are at any time you want it. You don’t need servers and technical maintenance to perform and maintain the data in your store.

Do you know how much your current inventory processes are truly costing you? Get a free trial to see how inventory management can be centralised and thereby providing the efficiency and visibility your business requires for success.

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