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Restaurant Marketing Ideas During Coronavirus

Restaurant owners say sales are down by almost 70% since lockdown. But to curb the spread of Covid-19, appropriate behavior, like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, should not be ignored.

During the early days and weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurant operators had no choice but to close their dining rooms or even shut down their businesses entirely. For many restaurateurs, this made them scale back their marketing campaigns.

Now, after a long gap into the pandemic, restaurants are beginning to reopen their doors to the public. A few are reopening their dining rooms and patios, while others have continued to opt to open back up for just takeout and delivery. Doesn’t matter what approach restaurants choose to take, one of the biggest hurdles is marketing to diners who have been staying indoors for the past few months. People are still not sure of venturing to dine at restaurants can no longer just expect a full occupancy. Instead, restaurateurs can market their businesses to customers who spend a considerable amount of time: online. Restaurateurs have no choice but to go digital and use the latest technology.

Pick these restaurant marketing tactics that will keep you stay in touch with your existing guests and connect with new ones, including:

Create Compelling Content – Convey your offers and upgrade your brand by gaining customers – especially to adjust your business model for the post-COVID era. To boost your restaurant marketing efforts, get behind the scenes and showcase your food. Taking them to your kitchen, or even your living room gets them to know your story, about your restaurant business, your inspiration behind starting your restaurant. Talk about how you’re coping with the present situations and also conduct some Live Cooking Shows.

Even as restaurants are beginning to reopen, a few some consumers continue to feel more comfortable staying in. It is best to entertain and engage them with a short cooking class. Sharing your beloved dishes to your audience could help build equity in your brand and a will to dine with you when they are ready.

Use Social Media Channels and features as part of your COVID-19 marketing strategy. Stay connected with regulars and engage with potential guests. Use live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Take inspiration from other restaurateurs who are publishing on TikTok. There are many users who have been creating their own recipe videos using the video platform. Because entertaining the Tik Tok audience with cooking tutorials will give your usual social media channels – like Instagram – a lot of attention.

Making the best use of your Smartphone and avoiding the expense of hiring professionals to barrier your restaurant marketing, you can use this method to create exciting content. With smartphones, you can process video and photo editing, use the storage in audio and video files. Better cameras to grab images and share footage in high-definition. As restaurants are preparing their venues for reopening, use limits on capacity, and health and safety regulations, dining out looks very different than it did before the pandemic. You can help customers prepare for a whole new dining experience by sharing your journey to reopening.

Regulate and Optimize Your Online Presence: Although people are unable to walk into your restaurant, they are googling it to get more information. Check where you appear in search results. Take time and optimize your online presence. You should also be updating your website. Lastly, you must optimize your website for search (SEO). This should take priority and in this marketing activity, you’re optimizing your website to be found for relevant search terms.

We are dealing with a situation caused by COVID-19 – this is an industry-wide happening. Restaurateurs all over the world are looking for support and lean on each other for community and hope for the best.

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