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See How ePaisa Works For Your Online Shop

Small business are facing greater challenges than big-box retailers during this season as Covid-19 pushes us to look for innovative ways to streamline online shop.

ePaisa helps and plays well for your business as it is able to automate the labour intensive processes in your business and seamlessly integrate to Tally and Shopify.

You can sell online – from your Point Of Sale – the ePaisa – Shopify integration enables you to easily link an online Shopify store to your ePaisa account. This integration can make it a lot simpler and takes the troubles of setting up your first online store, and makes it easy for you to manage sales, inventory, and reporting. If you already have a Shopify store, you can use the integration to streamline your operations by syncing your inventory and sales reporting with ePaisa.

Sync the products, the pending orders and quantities along with pricing data between your eCommerce and brick & mortar store, you can advertise, publish and also made edits in products and ass variants. You will be able to try update inventory and order info in real time, get unlimited imports, updates, and exports available. This will assist you in managing your inventory within ePaisa and your eCommerce site. Integrate ePaisa and tally without wasting your time on manual imports/exports between ePaisa and Tally, and unveil the true power of these apps by integrating them. If you are in need to know what your customers have ordered right from your CRM then you can have an updated list. ePaisa can manage it for you and your data is always kept in sync and updated. As and when you get the data – you can receive, gain better insight on customer behavior so you are no longer worried. Offer businesses everything from mobile app to mobile credit card terminal that allows them to easily and securely accept payments through any smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

ePaisa records transactions even when there is no Internet connection and automatically updates when the connection returns. It works offline without signal. It is multilingual and the app supports 32 languages and serves every kind of business, from retail stores and bakeries to delivery companies and beauty salons. Get paperless receipts to your customers and easily access them in the cloud. ePaisa POS is fast, versatile, and tailored to best suit your business requirements.

Customize and have it set to your personal requirements for your point of sale and feel of the app and creating shortcuts to speed up billing. Accept all kinds of payments: cash, credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, cheques, Bharat QR, credit (udhaar), custom gift cards, coupons (Sodexo), and meal vouchers.

All you need is an app and a mobile card reader to pair with your smartphone or tablet. Get ePaisa Point of Sale APP . This app-based point of sale increases efficiency and runs on any mobile device and the best thing is it’s not complicated.

Speed up transactions, manage your inventory within ePaisa and your eCommerce site.

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