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Simplify your operations with ePaisa

Get to sell apparel, groceries, and many more products from behind the counter or out on the floor with ePaisa point of sale. Create your own items, track all your inventory, and manage your store effectively.

Simplify your retail operations with everything from mobile point-of-sale tools and billing to inventory management and next-business-day deposits. ePaisa can help customers to purchase and take products home right then and there, so they don’t have to stand in queue at the checkout counter.

Point of sale terminals or PoS terminals is electronic appliances that are utilized at retail points to conduct card payments. PoS terminals are used by the retail, e-commerce, hospitality, entertainment, warehouse, and healthcare sectors. For you to run your business, you can use an independent service provider or a large chain, ePaisa POS provides flexible tools to manage your business. Right from order processing to billing and managing inventory, it helps businesses increase efficiency and profitability throughout their operation. You can manage your store and get everything you need to run your business, from processing payments to analytics, inventory, and more, so you can keep the shelves stocked and stay focused on your service.

Manage your inventory for free with ePaisa. Upload and manage products and manage details such as name, price, and quantity. Get reorder alerts when your stock is running low. Give away digital receipts, send out digital email/SMS receipts, and get feedback from your customers at checkout. Customize taxes, discounts, and the signature screen with your logo. Track and manage sales, learn more about your business and review your complete sales history by logging into your ePaisa account. With ePaisa, your retail point of sale can take orders in-store or on the go, allowing customers to save time at your business. Just sync your card reader with your smartphone or tablet and start accepting payments wherever your customers are. Turn your retail point of sale into a point of service and save valuable counter space with our integrated solution of POS hardware complete with a receipt printer, a cash drawer, tablet stand, and a barcode scanner.

Digital point of sale software for clothing retail outlets is the ideal solution to unleash that exceptional creativity. Your Point of Sale APP should be flexible, customizable, and streamlined. Transform your Apparel Store with Counterpoint POS and get to provide superior service, provide seamless, personalized shopping experiences all across all channels for your customers.

Download the ePaisa app – it is free for life with software updates, maintenance, and technical support. Subscribe for the paid version which offers added features like credit card and all digital payment acceptance, advanced inventory, analytics, and other advanced features. Take advantage of the small monthly subscription fee and change the way you do business. Because ePaisa lives on the cloud and runs on the smartphone the Point of Sale gives me a lot of freedom. Access the information anywhere, anytime, and you don’t have to worry about software updates, daily auto backups, or system crashes. ePaisa runs from any mobile device connected to the Internet and if the internet goes down, it can still work for me to carry on doing my business.

No need of managing books with accountants, now you get to connects to tally and updates my accounts in real-time. It keeps track of your inventory easily – with no possibility of errors or slow service. Get ePaisa Point of Sale APP . This app-based point of sale like ePaisa increases efficiency and runs on any mobile device and the best thing is it’s not complicated.

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