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Your little coffee shop in the center of Delhi is your pride. Sixty square meters, concrete washed floors, brick walls, silver chandeliers and beautiful wood fittings — but little space. Half of it is the kitchen. Where are you going to sit the accountant? You need the tables more!

And you travel. A lot. All over India, from Delhi to Mumbai to Kolkata. From Chennai to Jaipur. You can’t help it, you have to be on the road. Chained to a desk? Never! The world is too big.

But you’re a control freak too. If somebody ordered a yuva cha, you need to know. If you ran out of darjeeling, you need to know. What’s the best seller, the basil pesto and vegetable panini or the spiced mint chutney and cottage cheese? You can’t rely on forgetful your employees. Memory is feeble, and you need to know.

Thankfully you started using ePaisa. The accountant? He works from home now, in his pajamas. And with ePaisa, you work from anywhere in the world.

ePaisa. Your entire business in the palm of your hand


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