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The Cruelty of Inventory Control. A Computer Should Do it, Not You.

Inventory Control is Boring

As in incredibly super boring. But so crucial. But so awfully boring, just thinking of it makes me want to punch my screen and scream: ARGHH!!!

And yet, inventory control is critical for the proper functioning of your company. Having too little inventory can make you lose a good deal. Sitting on too much can tie up a lot of cash. Without adequate inventory control methods, you may not meet customer needs, chaos will ensue, and ultimately everybody will die. Of boredom, that is, because you’ll have to start keeping track of your inventory correctly.

If only there was an easy way to do it… Well, there is! Good inventory software can make it easier for you to track sales and goods in stock, allow for multiple user access, offer insight into your inventory activity, and keep an accurate historical record of what’s going on.

We’re not talking about getting disciplined and keeping an updated Excel spreadsheet here that you constantly email to everyone, but about getting the right point of sale system, one that can adapt to your inventory methods, collect accurate data, and allow you to consult that data and stay informed on your business performance at all times. And that you can check from your phone.

Don’t rely on humans. Humans are forgetful. Don’t rely on paper. Paper is messy. Rely on machines. Computers love to do the difficult, boring tasks you hate. Simply check your inventory on your phone from a database in the cloud, updated in real time.

Inventory, just like cash flow, can make or break your business. Keep it easy. Keep it simple. Keep it smart.

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