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Tips for Going Green and Cutting Business Expenses

More and more companies are “going green” and become more environmentally friendly; what better way to begin adopting the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) than in your own business!

While this does good for the planet, it’s also good for your business. From the break room to the copy room, to your morning commute, there are countless ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle and save some money at the same time.

From energy use to disposable products, reducing your dependence on and use of these products will save your business money and reduce your waste. Cut your business expenses while reducing your carbon footprint with these tips:

  1. Go paperless. Do you really need a physical copy of everything? Manage your documents digitally, send more emails than paper mail, and switch to cloud-based computing.

  2. Reduce & Reuse. Ditch single-use plastics. Stock your breakroom with reusable utensils vs disposable. You’ll only have to buy them once! Get a water cooler rather than purchasing water bottles.

  3. Recycle. Strategically place recycling bins near your office copier, in your kitchen, and near communal spaces to minimize your waste.

  4. Switch to LED bulbs and programmable thermostats. Does someone always forget to turn the lights out? Switch to a timer system so the lights turn out when the office closes.

  5. Open the windows! Does your office get great natural light? Choose natural light and keep your overhead lights off. If it’s nice outside, keep the windows open and the AC off.

  6. Shut down for the weekend! Make sure you turn all your devices off when you’re logged out. Unplug unnecessary cords from the walls and make sure lights are out.

  7. Telecommute. You save on gas for your daily commute and overhead costs when you work remotely! Use Skype for quick meetings you don’t need to commute for.

There are always more and more ways to run your business more cost-effectively and with the planet in mind. These few simple tips will get you started and spark new ideas for saving energy and money in your business. Encourage your employees to take part in the initiative.

It takes a team to make a change!

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