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Ways to Motivate Your Team

Teams work towards making their companies accomplish important tasks. Their combined energy, knowledge, and skill set matters in the future of a company. If the group of people are motivated, then you and your team can accomplish a lot more. It is essential not to make mistakes that drain the energy from the team mates. Instead, you can ignite their minds!

Get ready to boost your team performance and keep them motivated. Researchers say there is an effective way managers can increase their team’s productivity and performance.

1. A pleasant work environment

Everyone looks forward to working in an office environment that is motivating and stimulating. The office space keeps them feel good instead of demotivating them. There is no need to spend a lot of money to make an office environment a more pleasant place to be. If employees enjoy their work, they will be less likely to take long breaks or go on sick leave. If you’re focusing on creating a positive work environment, make sure that your company pays attention to work-life balance.

2. Give your team what they are worth

Employees’ salaries should be based on their hard work and their pay needs to be consistent with what other companies in your industry and geographic area are paying. Notice that: 26 percent of employees say that they would leave their current job for just a 5 percent increase in pay. Don’t lose trained employees because you might be underpaying them.

3. Encourage happy environment

Employees who are appreciated for their work are enthusiastic and positive teammates, they accomplish more as their attitude reflects in their work. Keep a check on whether or your employees are happy with their work, their employer, and you. If they have grievance, try to sort them out and don’t let this unhappiness to spread.

4. Incentives to gain skill set and self-development

The members of your team will respond to you better if they are appreciated for being valuable to your organization. They will be willing to better themselves, when they have opportunities to earn more of they learn new skills. Motivation and training for your team needs to be focused on to move and go higher in their careers and to become knowledgeable about the latest technologies and industry news.

5. Collaborate with the entire team

According to research, 39 percent of employees don’t feel that their suggestions are appreciated. Encourage the members of your team to participate by listening to them and using their input and suggestions to do things better. Have discussions and listen to their views, and, work towards implementing their solutions.

6. Don’t punish failure

Mistakes are a part of being human. It is important not to punish instead to learn some lessons from those mistakes so we avoid making them again. When you see your team members make honest mistakes, don’t punish them–instead, help them to do better by trying to succeed again.

7. Set clear goals

Employees waste time at work because they don’t feel like a part of the team and they are not aware of what work was a priority, and what wasn’t. As a senior in the hierarchy, it’s your job to work with the members of your team towards setting and achieving clear goals. After you set them, make sure everyone knows exactly what those goals are, what their relative priority is, and what the team’s role is in reaching them.

8. Don’t micromanage

A boss who is constantly pushing individuals can be exhausting for the team and if every decision is questioned then it becomes a negative work environment. In fact, employees report that they would rather take on unpleasant activities than to have a boss sit and micromanage them. Set clear goals and then let them do their best way to achieve them.

9. Avoid unnecessary meetings

Meetings can become a complete waste of time, the professional waste in unproductive meetings should be avoided. Set an agenda for your meetings and share it with your team much in advance. Include only those people who really require to attend, start the meeting on time, and then end it as soon as you finish agenda points.

To start, grow, and lead in your business – these few tips can be crucial to connect and with your team to move ahead and be profitable.

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