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What does a Point of Sale (POS) mean?

Running your own small business or store requires a series of management tools and efficient processes. Along with a bright business idea and a drive to create a niche, you need to be able to carry out smooth transactions.

A point of sale system, or “POS” creates a platform that prepares an environment for all kinds of financial and admin work of managing your business. Within your POS you can monitor inventory for your customers. You can also use your POS software to keep a track of sales and trends, and carry out  transactions. A POS system is a tool not just allows your company to accept payments – it helps simplify the steps further. There are a number of ways to customize your POS depending on the POS providers you can choose and your business plan.

A point of sale system, or point of sale software, ensures that your customer can make payments for services and products they get from your shop. Each time a customer purchases something from your store, they become a part of a POS transaction. The POS is essential for your company as it will manage everything like sales, customer management, and inventory tools come together. There are many benefits to having a POS for your company.

ePaisa’s multilingual mobile-based Point of Sale app (which includes features like cash register, inventory control, analytics and loyalty program). ePaisa is a free, cloud-based Point of Sale app that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a complete business management solution. You can use it as the point of sale to record sales, manage inventory, and build customer loyalty, while the cloud-based back-office tools provide sales reports and analytics to help you make smarter decisions for your business.

How does ePaisa POS take debit and credit card payments? The ePaisa Chip & PIN card reader can process all major credit and debit cards. There are no hidden costs – you just pay per successful transaction and receive deposits the next business day. The card reader also integrates seamlessly with our free POS app.

Check out the benefits, here are a few reasons to digitize your point of sale:

– Accept payments on-the-go – Easily integrate your sales and marketing tools – Easily manage inventory – Reduce costs – Access everything in one place

Does ePaisa POS work on any device? ePaisa POS works on any smartphone or tablet running on Android OS.

Does ePaisa accept debit and credit card payments? ePaisa accepts all kinds of payments – cash, cheques, credit (udhaar), and all major debit and credit cards.

What exactly, does it mean for ePaisa to be cloud-based? This means that ePaisa allows you to access your data safely through your ePaisa account wherever you are at anytime you want it. You don’t need servers and technical maintenance to perform and maintain the data in your store.

Is it really free? Yes, it is free forever with the free plan.

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