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Why are digital payments so secure?

Digital payments are made through digital modes. To make digital payments, payer and payee both are able to use digital modes to send and receive. Digital Payments. As per data analysis, digital transactions have jumped from June 2020 till June 2021.

These are payments a business can execute and process online, using digital resources. Digital payments have now become the norm to use apps for everything from ordering takeout or to book painting classes. Consumers are now using phone to make purchases. Contactless payments have now become a lot more secure, as the days of outdated technology have gone. Now you will not end up as the victim of fraudulent charges and identity theft. Contactless payments are authenticated payments and they’re hard to hack. In a contactless payment, the data required with your credit card on file is encrypted and also changing. So even if fraudsters have tried to hack a system, the data they will come across would be useless.

Contactless payment is one that’s worth paying attention to. Contactless payments happen through your mobile device, the technology makes transactions a whole lot quicker and easier. QR codes are convenient payment solutions that allow customers to make payment for a small snack or cup of tea at a café or get price details from the merchandise. We can define and explain QR payment methods and how it can be set up. QR Codes are definitely a viable option for contactless payments. QR-code payments are suitable for transactions during off-peak hours. QR Codes are a new wave of payment processes and a game-changer.

With ePaisa you can go cashless and cardless with the quick QR payment. The ePaisa QR Code option is available for merchants to accept payments easily from any UPI-enabled app of the customers. With such exceptional features, the merchants can easily view their business data, sales reports, manage all the stocks, and carry out smooth business operations. The ePaisa POS solution helps the merchant from all across the country with focus to convert the offline business into online. While the business community is facing this crucial phase, ePaisa has initiated various measures to help run its business smoothly.

ePaisa offers informative guidelines, messages, emails, and calls that help them to be aware of the benefits they can avail themselves from the private and government sectors. ePaisa works to upgrade all the features and helps the business to be carried out seamlessly with regular demo whenever required by the shop owners. Even with work from home, get customer care to assist with all of the merchant queries. Along with other benefits, ePaisa QR code payment is a one-click payment option that is available for the merchant to use alongside their POS.

Get ePaisa Point of Sale APP . This app-based point of sale like ePaisa increases efficiency and can run on any mobile device and is not complicated. Digital Payments is the safest mode of payment to avoid any social contact. Reach out to more customers and make their bill payment safe and easy with ePaisa Digital Payment solutions.

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